The Team


Filipe Zhu

General Manager & Guide

A Portuguese born Chinese with a special eye ability, table tennis fanatic that loves Chinese Braised Pork


Ana Zhu

General Manager & Guide

A Portuguese born Chinese with a special psychic ability, badminton pro that loves fresh shrimps




We were taking our friends around the city and did it again and again. So we started on joking how would be great to have a tour company, and Abra Kadabra, here we are!

The tours present our beloved city and adding an unique history of past Chinese immigration to Europe to our present third generation Portuguese born Chinese mindset. We want share the stories and demonstrate what is happening around other countries.



Assisting Chinese tourist groups with tour leaders and guides made us think of all the problems they had. Then we thought, wouldn't be nice to have a local both Chinese and Portuguese to support travel agencies and tour operators. Bingo!

We plan tours for people who are seeking to discover Portugal. From group tours to trips completely designed from scratch, we also manage your travel, saving you time and money. We focus on journeys that will create meaningful memories and life experiences.

Portal Boavista


Once upon a time we were jobless and taking every single opportunity to earn some spare cash. People asked "Where can I find Mandarin translation services" and then our reaction was like: you found the person, me! Therefore, Portal Boavista was born.

We are a gateway to the Chinese community in Porto. The Portal Boavista offers a wide range of support services to the Chinese community in Porto and Portugal, such as immigration support, translation centre, accompaniment, golden visa, design and web